The Black Scottish Cyclops

Every now and then I come across a video on the internet that makes me smile and sticks in my head like a Lady Gaga song.  Oh, admit it you find her songs fun and oddly ear worm-y, don’t deny it.  Anyways, a couple years ago when Team Fortress 2 was released – yes I’m that nerdy, they set up a whole bunch of videos introducing the characters.  They were all great, funny, fast paced and with some really awesome lines.  My personal favourite was for the Demoman.

I watched this video over and over again, and I still do.  Don’t judge me, just accept my eccentricities.  A few months ago after watching it again I was seized by a desire to drink some Laphroaig.  As I went to my bar and started to pour myself a glass, I stopped and decided to make a drink.  It would still use Laphroaig, as I can’t actually imagine any other scotch being powerful enough to represent a demolitions expert.  The question is what else to put in it.  It should be dark, he is a Black Scottish Cyclops after all, I stared at my bar and the Ramazzotti (annoying website alert) stared back at me, then the Fee’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters called to me.  I gave it a whirl and, Eureka!

Fast forward a few more months and Thursday Drink Night Scotch is announced.  Thursday Drink Night is a gathering of cocktail geeks gathered around their home booze hoards and their computers, trying to make drinks according to a theme and posting them to a chat room.  Wow, that sounds really nerdy, le sigh.  Anyways, I decide that this is perfect time to share this drink and so I post it, it does alright, and so now here it is.

Black Scottish Cyclops 4

Black Scottish Cyclops

2 ounces Laphroaig Scotch Whisky

1 oz Amaro Ramazzotti

4 dashes Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters

Combine over ice, stir, strain into a rocks glass, raise a toast a truly unique character

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