Ai Yai Yai, I Overdid it.

I like excess.  I freely admit it.  I also know that sometimes I’m going to pay for it.  That’s the price right?  The bargain you make when you indulge in a little too much of anything no matter what it is.  I was reminded of that fact yesterday morning as I lay in my hotel bed and remembered my previous night.  I quickly ran through my list of preferred restoratives and cursed myself for not having any Fernet Branca on me.   For the three people in the world who do not know what Fernet is, it’s a beautiful ebon elixir that makes boys out of men, restores balance to a listing ship, and in general just makes it all better when you’ve overindulged in either food or drink or both.

So moving on down the list, I was woefully unprepared, no electrolyte bearing beverages within reach.  I was being such an amateur.  A hurried shower later a Bloody Mary appeared before me and all was right with the world.  All this prompted thought on the order of getting myself back into functional shape.  In order preference follows a list of how I like to snap back into being human.

  1. Fernet Branca – Ate too much?  Fernet Branca!  Drank too much (possibly it was also consuming too much Fernet)  Fernet Branca!  Need something warm too?  Add it to your coffee.
  2. Electrolyte bearing beverage – Whatever-ade, Nuun tablets, generic neon coloured liquid, they all work for me, tablets are useful in that you can just through some in your bag and you can’t spill them all over the place.
  3. Bloody Mary – Must be spicy and have lots of pickled items, probably the best use of flavoured vodka too
  4. Cold Beer(s) in Shower – Seriously, it’s a revelation, try it.  This last month while it’s been cold enough I have had the good fortune to go out on my balcony which is off my bedroom and snag a beer from this booty of magnificence.

Some Real Pirate's Booty!Grog n plunder!

5.  Water – Good old water, it’s always there for you, and you know what, it’s usually free, a damn good price right?

6.  Sucking it up – Sometimes you just have to get on with it.

What do you like to do?  There is no possibility of draining this topic.


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6 responses to “Ai Yai Yai, I Overdid it.

  1. Apart from the good ole Fernet or Mary.. a strong cafè au lait or espresso is what i use.


  2. Eden

    Orange juice, lots of it! (any citrus juice really)
    and then something salty if you can face solids.

    One of these days I’m going to “man” up & try the fernet branca again. you gave me a sip once, but since I wasn’t actually in need of a restorative at the time I was focused on the taste, which was not my speed…

  3. Not only do I advocate the following morning recovery program, I practice it myself
    1) coconut water – it’s isotonic
    2) coffee (half cup) – just enough to avoid painful withdrawal
    3) fried egg, sausage, cheese, sriracha sandwich on white bread – egg for the protein, sriracha to distract the whole digestive apparatus from the fact you’re eating
    4) water, audible moaning – about 2hrs each
    5) cheeseburger, medium rare (add a fried egg) and wash down with coffee – after this I’m good to go

  4. If you manage to make yourself go for a run, it works every time. Sweat it out.

    Notice I said “if.”

  5. @Ouroboros That is one seriously involved process. I’ll have to try it.

    @mcsology you assume that I have also got my crap together enough for that

    @tea_austen really big if

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