Late Night Seattle Part 1, a Slice of the Quarter

Late night eats.  There’s never enough.  That and I’m pretty sure that my idea of late night is pretty skewed from the norm.  In a town like Seattle where the carpets start rolling up at 1000, it can be sometimes challenging to find something good to eat any time after  1030.  Though more and more places are starting to serve until 1100 or midnight, there is still a measurable dearth and the options after closing time can be measured on the fingers of one hand.  So anytime something new open with late night dining options I get pretty excited, and when it turns to be not only good but reasonably priced I get positively giddy.

Tolouse Petite 02

A few months ago, Toulouse Petit opened in the Lower Queen Anne area of Seattle and has quickly vaulted its way to become a darling of normal diners, foodies (you may not like the term but it’s a hell of a lot shorter than food-enthusiast), and restaurant and bar employees.  It’s a French Quarter inspired restaurant with a dauntingly large menu, well daunting if so much of it didn’t make me want to make a glutton of myself.  Starting off with a nice charcuterie and app section spanning two pages and then moving on to salads soups, and what feels like ten pages of entrées and sides, all in al  it’s a wide ranging menu that all fits within the genre that they’ve set for themselves.

Tolouse Petite 09

This is all backed by a bar, wine list, and cocktail list that makes for some damn fine drinking to go alongside the mountain of food you will order.  Trust me, you’ll order a mountain of food.

Tolouse Petite 07

Especially during one of the three happy hours each day, yes, I said three.  That’s crazy talk right?!  Fortunately, for me and you it is crazy like a fox.  It certainly accomplishes the goal of keeping the place busy during non-peak dining hours.  There is a breakfast happy hour where all entrées are just six dollars except for a crab Benedict and the steak and eggs, pretty damn cool.  There is also a normal happy hour, and a late night one that runs until midnight.

Jan's Bday 2009 17

That late night happy hour is the pertinent one here, offering up a slew of food options and drink specials that warm the cockles of my heart.  This is definitely not your usual late night offerings, while it certainly has its share of fried items they’re not the usual suspects.  My favourites include the gumbo, the fried alligator (Toulouse may be single-handedly causing a drop in the alligator population), fried green tomatoes, boudin blanc, fried pork cheeks, and the list goes on.  Paired with a Sazerac or a Vieux Carre, it might be the most civilized way in Seattle to slay your late night cravings.  I keep finding myself here of late and I don’t really plan to break the habit any time soon.

Tolouse Petite 11

Mmmmm, Fried Alligator.

More pictures here if you want to drool more.

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