Mixology Monday XLVII: Punch

Mixology Monday XLVII:  Punch.  Probably my favourite category of drink around.  Sometime I’ll go on and on about it.  This month though, it’s our theme and hosted by Mike over at Hobson’s Choice.

Ti Punch.  Very rarely have two words ever affected my life so much.  It was the final push to send me down the flume of rum geekery.  At the Rum, Ron, Rhum panel during Tales of the Cocktail 2008 Ben Jones from Rhum Clement stood up and presented this little thing, its simplicity accenting the spirit and providing the perfect little wake up nip I needed.

You could argue that it’s not a really a punch, it definitely doesn’t follow the classic two of sour, one of sweet, three of strong, four of weak cantrip, but stuff it.  It says punch in the name and that’s good enough for me.  Besides, it’s one of my favourite drinks and that goes a long way in my book.  Classically originating from the French dominated islands of the Caribbean, it serves as an ideal foil for the notes that are associated with rhum agricole.

Whether you like a blanc, or an aged rhum as the base spirit it still works.  It’s also a wonderfully interactive drink, letting the imbiber take part in their own demise.  I love to set out the ingredients before the victim/lucky soul, and let them put it together themselves.  The citrus, rhum, sugar, and ice come together to make for a perfect porch sipping drink.  I personally like to add a bit of all-spice dram to mine to add a bit of contrast and awaken the sense some more.  Have a party sometime, set out limes, ice, rhum, some all spice dram or bitters even, and let your guests tweak to their heart’s desire.  You may not be serving out of a bowl, but it can still be a communal experience.

Ti'Punch Setup 02


2 oz rhum agricole

Demerara syrup to taste

Some lime wedges to squeeze

A few ice cubes

A dropper bottle of all-spice dram

Start with the rum, squeeze in some limes, or if you’re lucky get a swizzle stick, add a bit of Demerara syrup, an ice cube or two, drop in a drop or two of all-spice dram, mix it about.  Taste it, adjust it, taste it again, when it’s right, find a relaxing spot and kick back.  What?  You wanted exact measurements, sure as soon as I have a few more of these.

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  1. Rhum Service– I love this idea!!

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