Farewell to my Living Room

Once in a great while a restaurant becomes more than some place where you eat, drink, or gather with friends.  Sometimes, a restaurant becomes your third place.  That elusive locale where you feel at home, a place that comes to feel as natural to spend time in as your living room.  My living room is closing this weekend.  Union in Seattle has been my home away from home, a special place, a place where I have felt utterly comfortable and one of the family.

Union cemented a love of food and added to that a perfect storm of a really well chosen wine list, beer list, and a cocktail program that I watched grow in front of my eyes.  My friend Keith Waldbauer – the barman at Union, and I instigated in each other an appreciation and desire for well made classics, new carefully balanced drinks, and a desire for rum.  Sitting at the bar and in the dining room planted the seed of the idea that maybe I needed to switch over to the other side.  It was the beginning of a path that would change my life.

The dining room and bar were the scenes of many great meals and memories.  Wonderful parties took place, friendships were formed and cemented, great experiences shared, guests feted, milestones celebrated, all to the accompaniment of great food and drink.  Shenanigans took place, lots of late nights were spent talking, laughing, sometimes drinking way too much, always in good company.  We watched the show as people walked up and down the street and dubbed it Union TV.  I don’t think I can ever adequately describe everything that happened but I want to say thank you for a great ride.  To Ethan, Hans, Mark, Tyler, Elwood, Jason, Angela, Keith, Chris, Manu, Manuel, Jesus, Jimmy, Shawn, Sennen, Ethan, Kurt, Vira, Amber, and countless others who made it such a great place, thank you, and let’s get a drink soon.

A Look Back at Union

Guest Chef Menu


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6 responses to “Farewell to my Living Room

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  2. Jason L. Cheung

    Man, I wish I could have been there for that meal. Wow. Feijoada AND Chicken & Waffles? Epic.

    • Eden

      That meal truly was Epic. I think at least a quarter of the attendees couldn’t finish & the rest of us were begging for mercy by the end.

      I’ll also always remember the amazing Octoberfest dinner that Ethan did with the oh so fabulous goulash & schnitzel.

      I wasn’t a Union regular, but it was always a pleasure when we got to dine there & I’m sad to see it go.

  3. Marc Miller

    OMG that night you were the guest chef was incredible! It seriously tested the appetites of everyone there, but I will never forget it.

    Union leaving us does indeed mark the end of an era. I’ll especially miss the early ‘experimental’ days: I’ll never forget the night that I had Ethan’s Rigatoni for the first time (way before Tavolata opened). One of my eating companions stated it best: “Rigatoni should not taste this good.”

  4. keith waldbauer

    Great stuff Rocky, and yeah, great memories. That dinner you did was truly fantastic and is a perfect example of what was possible there. I’ll miss it dearly.

  5. That was a fun night indeed! So many fun things happened there, and I’m sure there will be many more in the future at the new joint.

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