Mixology Monday – Brown, Bitter, and Stirred

Mixology Monday Brown, Bitter and Stirred is brought to you by the incomparable Lindsey Johnson of Lush Life Productions.  She often tours the country trying out all of the bars that I want to visit and often inspiring me to find a way to get to some of them.  Her usual modus operandi – which also causes to many to become immediately enamoured of her, is to slide up to the bar and ask for a drink that is brown, bitter, stirred, and as mean as you can make it.  This has caused fights behind the bar as bartenders scramble over each other to fulfil the request.

As the host of this month’s Mixology Monday it only felt right that she would make her order the theme.  So here I sit at Teardrop Lounge in Portland with Johnson along with the equally incomparable Allison Weber producing our drinks and photographing them as time ticks down to the midnight hour on the Monday of the deadline.  My drink is a tribute to these two wonderful ladies a shameless plug for some of the products that I now represent.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Product Placement.

Product Placement

.75 oz Corsair Artisan Distillers Barrel Aged Gin

.75 oz Averna Amaro

.75 oz Amaro Montenegro

4 dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

Build over ice and stir, serve up with a lemon peel.  Hopefully collect paycheck.

Brown Bitter and Stirred 6


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4 responses to “Mixology Monday – Brown, Bitter, and Stirred

  1. Wow! A mixed drink with Averna. Looks and sounds like one intense cocktail. I have been drinking Averna for ages. Since it comes from Caltanisetta, Sicily, and I’m from Agrigento, Sicily, I guess you could consider it my home town bitter. It’s been a a staple in my family for as long as I can remember. Have you ever had a Chinoto (bitter orange soda)? If you’re as addicted to the bitters as I am, you might like it as a non-alcoholic treat. Great stuff!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Dear god, this drink doesn’t play around. Well done!!

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