A Final Voyage

A voyage comes to an end.  Vessel will be closing for the final time this week.  Vessel has been my school, my inspiration, my anchor for the last few years.  It’s where I was able to really start learning the craft of bartending.  I shook my first Ramos Gin Fizz and stirred my first Sazerac for someone who was paying for it for the first time there.  Without Vessel and the family that came together there I would not have my life as it is today.

I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best and shiniest in our profession behind the bar there.  I was provided with the chance to learn technique, increase knowledge, improve my service, sample spirits and ingredients, meet great people, and on occasion fail miserably so that I could learn from that.  My mentor, Jim Romdall gave me a unique and fantastic chance that I will appreciate forever, a chance that many people would have killed to have.  Our merry band of miscreants came together to form a supportive and wonderful family, the final crew here will live forever in my heart.

Jim Romdall, our fearless leader, making sure everyone is taken care of, carrying the load of the world on his shoulders and also a wonderfully ridiculous man.

Kevin Langmack, the Minister of Silly Drinks, no ingredient will go un-played with, no matter how ridiculous it is.

Michael Bertrand, a very handsome man, ask him, he’ll tell you, more importantly he’s also a lovely person.

Chelsea North, I got to go blow-torch shopping for her, how awesome is that?!  She can bring you back down to earth in nothing flat.

Nicole Savisky, so very very young, she provides endless hours of entertainment as we get to twit her on her naiveté, but like your little niece, you want to spoil her and make sure she’s taken care of.

Brandon Toborg, young turk, and jack of all trades.

Annalise Scobey.  Kicking ass should be measured in Annalises, one of the best example of great things coming in tiny packages.

It has been my honour and privilege to work with these fine people, and if there is any justice in the universe, I will get to again someday.  In the meantime, raise a toast to something special, a place and time that is passing, not just a bar, but a family and a community. To friends, family, and strangers, it has been a pleasure to visit, sit, sip, laugh, pour, serve, and wax endlessly on about our particular obsessions.  Most importantly to Vessel, my anchor, my school, my clan, may she sail again.


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2 responses to “A Final Voyage

  1. December 23rd is a sad day for Seattle. I hope Vessel can re-open sometime soon in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming about ordering another Seersucker Fizz.

  2. Really great pictures and nice post

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