All You Can Couch Surf

Carpe vitae!  Every now and then an opportunity presents itself that you know you will kick yourself forever if you turn it down.  So, why turn it down?  One night sitting on the internet a message came through, Jet Blue was doing their All You Can Jet pass again. Visions of flitting from place to place sprang to mind, seeing old friends and new, eating and drinking in exciting new places, and in distant favourites that had faded in the mists of memory.  Bars to visit, spirits to try, stupid things to do, and promises to fulfil, all these bloomed in my mind tantalizing me with possibilities.  I found myself credit card in hand buying a ticket, and the reality that this was going to happen set in.

TOTC10 007

Contemplating my itinerary, I realised that it would be entirely possible to even pretend to work while I flitted around.  We had just started to import Taboo Absinthe into the U.S.  What better way to start introducing it than to visit friends and show it off?  Looking at the map, Martinique was just a stone’s throw from St Lucia.  Rum soaked dreams came to the fore, I could visit a producer I wanted to work with, and then see where two of the rhums I worked with came from.

Crazed calls, emails, and itinerary coordination ensued and the dream came to fruition.  This voyage had begun!  A web of flights and couches sprang forth; gratefully I accepted all offers of places to lay down my drunk and bloated carcass. A caveat here, our little community of boozehounds, drinks slingers, and assorted reprobates are the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world.  I challenge you to find more generous people as a collective.  We welcome each other like long lost brethren, the ones that you like, not the tedious ones.  The short weeks passed and the marathon began.  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Chicago, San Francisco again, St Lucia, Martinique, and New York, airports would be my domain, my butt would reshape itself to be airplane seat friendly, and a good bartender in a terminal bar would be a blessing to save my sanity.

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