The Seven Deadly Jenns: Subtlety and Grace

Today brings us two more of the Seven Deadly Jenns.  I paired these two together because of all seven of them these are the most innocent seeming.  With these two you won’t know what you have signed on for until the next morning, or afternoon.

Jenn Farrington – Personal Papparazzi.

Jenn will be there to fully encourage you in anything you come up with, and makes it always seem like your idea.  Then she documents it in beautiful photos that leave no chance of not incriminating yourself.  That goat?  Yeah, she got a picture of you with it.  She is he most unthreatening of the Jenns, or so it seems.   There’s no mad glint to her eyes, just a subtle slide down the path to mayhem and hepatic pain.  Everything is just fun and games after all, she exudes an aura of being so reasonable and she’d never lead you astray.  Then the camera flashes and you’re caught for posterity or ridicule, usually both. The evidence of your antics and folly following you as long as the electronic ether serves pictures to your friends, namely forever. That camera isn’t a warning either as it is almost permanently welded to her hand.  As a truly talented photographer you just think it’s there to document the mundane or take fantastic photos of the more normal things in life.  There’s just no knowing and that’s when she gets you.

Clic.  Damn!


Jennifer Boelts – Time Vortex

The most innocent seeming of the Jens, Jen Boelts seems like a mild mannered type.  She will sit there and claim that she just can’t hang with the really hardcore types.  Then hours later you realise that you’re still at the bar with her, with a steady procession of drinks having gone by and down your throat.  Seriously, there you’ll be having started in that bar stool while the sun was bright and there was so much ambition in your heart to get things done.  When your bladder finally snaps you out of the land of the lotus eaters you realise that it’s last call.  The many hours since you sat down have welded your buttocks to your seat and you have accomplished nothing at all save for having had a good time, and really, isn’t that better than actually being productive?

Sit down, look it’s still early you have plenty of time left……


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4 responses to “The Seven Deadly Jenns: Subtlety and Grace

  1. Oh no. This is so true and so funny. And now i’m terrified. Rocky – you had better put a flattering picture of me up dammit. Ugh

  2. Jenny adams

    What about threats? Are they acceptable?

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