The Seven Deadly Jenns: There’s a Method to the Madness

Moving on to the next batch of deadly Jenns, these two are distinguished by a certain mania that they bring to everything.  Not that mania isn’t a good thing.  After all, we’d be awfully bored if everyone was normal, and I challenge anyone reading this to claim that they are entirely normal. I’m not going to believe you.  I’m not calling you a liar, you’re just deluded and look we’re back to not normal.  See?  You can’t escape it.  Just like you can’t escape this pair.


Jenn Corrao – The Planner

A walking party, she always has a plan, and it usually involves lots of stops on the road to inebriation.  You get caught up in her energy and you go willingly to your doom. As you go traipsing along you realise that there is a route planned for the day and none of it involves an off ramp to escape the madness that will be coming.  Following her from stop to stop, bar to bar, party to party, the endless cavalcade of intemperance makes for a long blur that replays in your head the next day in a totally hazy, slightly out of focus way, like your own personal home movie of destruction.

Come on, just one more stop.


Jennifer Contraveos -The Mania

There’s no hiding that glint in her eye. You’re going to be in trouble if she gets a hold of you.  She doesn’t bother hiding it, it just seems like such a great idea.  I don’t believe that the words that’s just way too crazy has ever meant anything to her.  Careening along at a manic pace you’re going to love your trip through the asylum.  Whether or not you come out at the other end is up to you.  As insane as the festivities may seem, your best bet of coming out at the other end is to embrace the lunacy and hold on for dear life and fantastic experiences.  If she makes it out you should too.  Probably

This way to the Egress… maybe

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