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Tales of the Cocktail 2010 – Day 2, More Crazy

Tales of the Cocktail Day 2, we embrace the asylum.  On this day, some of the first time attendees and a few of the less well prepared are starting to look a bit worn.  No matter how many stories you tell and how much you try and get everyone who will be attending to train and prepare their bodies for the marathon, a few will choose to sprint headlong into the maelstrom.  There’s not a whole lot you can do for them besides make sure they have energy drinks and painkillers close at hand the next day.  For many attendees, there is a day lost to the Tales flu, you burrow into your bed, lounge by the pool, drink cheap beer and sugary slushy drinks, this is also known as a day in the life of Jeffrey Morgenthaler.

Another morning for me, and my roommate is still feeling a bit under the weather.  Once again my day starts in the caffeinated and breakfast provided media and sponsor lounge.  As always there’s also more booze, it’s the default state of just about everything this week.  Seriously, thank Todd for this room, it is my anchor and bedrock this week.  It provides a routine stop in my day that I can cling to.  As the week goes on, I can see my compatriots in the room get a bit more haggard each day, as I’m sure I look increasingly worn as well.  This morning brings such mundane tasks as offloading pictures from your camera and uploading the to the internets, well, actually first comes about 15 minutes of swearing at the craptacular wireless internet service provided banging your head against the wall of the connecting to the network and hoping it actually works for once. Continue reading

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Mixology Monday – Brown, Bitter, and Stirred

Mixology Monday Brown, Bitter and Stirred is brought to you by the incomparable Lindsey Johnson of Lush Life Productions.  She often tours the country trying out all of the bars that I want to visit and often inspiring me to find a way to get to some of them.  Her usual modus operandi – which also causes to many to become immediately enamoured of her, is to slide up to the bar and ask for a drink that is brown, bitter, stirred, and as mean as you can make it.  This has caused fights behind the bar as bartenders scramble over each other to fulfil the request.

As the host of this month’s Mixology Monday it only felt right that she would make her order the theme.  So here I sit at Teardrop Lounge in Portland with Johnson along with the equally incomparable Allison Weber producing our drinks and photographing them as time ticks down to the midnight hour on the Monday of the deadline.  My drink is a tribute to these two wonderful ladies a shameless plug for some of the products that I now represent.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Product Placement.

Product Placement

.75 oz Corsair Artisan Distillers Barrel Aged Gin

.75 oz Averna Amaro

.75 oz Amaro Montenegro

4 dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

Build over ice and stir, serve up with a lemon peel.  Hopefully collect paycheck.

Brown Bitter and Stirred 6


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A Tales Apperitif in Houston – Anvil Bar & Refuge

Most people who go to Tales of the Cocktail know that nearly a week of excess and debauchery with your fellow spirits minded and swilling friends is plenty of fun for anyone.  I am apparently not that smart.  I decided that two days before I went in to New Orleans for Tales 2010 I would have the brilliant idea of going to Houston and see some friends and visit Anvil Bar & Refuge.  After all, what better way to get ready for all that excess than with a few extra nights of excess?

I had been wanting to visit Anvil ever since my friend Chuck Taggart waxed poetic about it.  I then got to meet one of the owners and the mastermind behind the bar Bobby Heugel and one of his extraordinary bartenders Mindy Kucan.  That pretty much sealed the deal, I had to go as soon as possible.  As I sat there one evening booking my travel plans for Tales I realized that I would have to change airplanes in Houston anyways.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity for an extra drink or 20, off to Houston I went.

TOTC10 011

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All Hail Smuggler’s Cove

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love rum. I mean, I really love rum. I also love Tiki.  Not as much as some of the tiki nuts out there, but I do enjoy my tiki a lot. I love the kitsch, the toys, the crazy glassware, the funky clothes, and the crazy over the top drinks. On top of all of that, is the reliance and enthusiasm for rum that comes with it.  One of the latest temples of rum and tiki opened in the last year in San Francisco.  Smuggler’s Cove is a wonderful dark cave of rum and libations, tucked behind an unassuming door, walking in the door is like stepping into some wild idealization of a fevered rum dream, and rum there is.

Smuggler's Cove 02

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Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

I love it when a new product comes to market and it’s good.  I mean, isn’t it great when you can just say nice things about something.  There’s no need to equivocate about whether or not you would recommend it or buy it, you can just say yes.  A few weeks ago Stephan Berg and Alex Hauck from The Bitter Truth stopped by Seattle on the last stop of their weeks long trek across the USA.  As part of that road show we were able to sample their new Creole Bitters which will soon be available here.

Creole Bitters 01

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