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Late Night Seattle Part 1, a Slice of the Quarter

Late night eats.  There’s never enough.  That and I’m pretty sure that my idea of late night is pretty skewed from the norm.  In a town like Seattle where the carpets start rolling up at 1000, it can be sometimes challenging to find something good to eat any time after  1030.  Though more and more places are starting to serve until 1100 or midnight, there is still a measurable dearth and the options after closing time can be measured on the fingers of one hand.  So anytime something new open with late night dining options I get pretty excited, and when it turns to be not only good but reasonably priced I get positively giddy.

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The Omega, and the Alpha

The best meal I’ve ever made.

It was a year and a half ago and looking back on it, it also marked a turning point in my life.  My girlfriend at the time, and I were drifting apart and this meal marked the end of our time together as a couple.  It was a fitting tribute in all of its little parts and beauty.  It was both simple and complex and a lot of care went into making it.  In the end though, the meal was consumed and done, no trace was left of it except pictures and memories.  Given the perspective of time it was a glorious thing, I have made better dishes since, but I have never assembled a full meal that came together as well as that one.

I had been reading about kaiseki menus at that time and a lot of my friends were going to Japan that year, so I thought, what the hell, let’s give this a go.  I mapped out my menu, and went shopping.  I found beautiful fish at Uwajimaya.  I proceeded to cure the fish on sheets of kelp that I had rubbed with sake, letting the brine and naturally occurring MSG in the kelp be drawn into the flsh.

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Dimsumcouver 3.0

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”  It’s one of my favourite lines.  Spend very much time around me and I’ll say it at one time or another.  It would also be a very good way to describe my last trip to Vancouver.  I was part of the epic journey known as Dimsumcouver 3.0.  Nine restaurants in about as many hours with my friends Naomi, Cameo, Rachel, and Frank, it was ad ode to gluttony and delicious differences between out native Seattle and the metropolis to the north.

We dashed north as quickly as possible in our quest for dim sum, dosas, izakaya, ramen, and whatever else caught our eyes.  This is where I give a shout out to Naomi driving the other car.  She drives like she means to get somewhere.  A really refreshing change from most drivers in Seattle, thank Tod.  Anyways, after a quick stop at duty free for some tax free booze – everything tastes better without tax, we made our first stop of the day at Sea Harbour.

A quick note on Vancouver dim sum, there are way more places there without carts, ordering from a menu is far more prevalent than in Seattle.  I like carts but don’t care too much as long as it’s good.  Pictures are a big help though and thankfully there were plenty of pictures.  Someday I will actually learn how to read Chinese and shock the crap out of my parents, until then pictures will have to do.

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