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Take me Out to the Ballgame

Opening Day, a new season starts, all baseball fans for one day can all be equally hopeful for their team’s chances.  All things are still possible.  Those off-season moves are all going to be strokes of genius.  New players will be All-Stars, rookies will all be phenoms, fields will be newly manicured, and there will be new food at the ballpark.  I love going to the stadium to watch a game, heckle Yankees fans, have an overpriced beer, and partake of stadium fare.

When I was a kid, your choices at the ballpark were hot dogs, peanuts, chips, burgers, nachos, and if you were sitting in the really expensive seats crappy over-cooked steaks in Styrofoam boxes.  Obviously, things have changed over the years.  Now it’s a common occurrence to have sushi, teriyaki, bad Chinese food, bad Mexican food, and if you’re in Baltimore, a crab boil in addition to hot dogs, burgers, cracker jacks, and peanuts.    So it was pretty exciting to get an invite to try out the new offerings at the home of the Seattle Mariners, Safeco Field.  The preview happened appropriately enough on Opening Day while the team was on the road.

Safeco Chow 16

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