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Good Chinese food in Seattle, I Swear it. Part 1

Everyone and their brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, and babysitter has gone on and on about the lack of good Chinese food in Seattle.  Now, I am not going to blow smoke up your ass but enough already.  Yes, Vancouver is way better, LA blows us out of the water, San Francisco kicks butt.  You know what?  Stop it with the negativity already.  True we have no top to bottom great Chinese restaurants in Seattle.  What we do have are restaurants that can do a really good job of a few to several dishes at each one, and you know what?  That’s good enough for me.

I don’t need an epiphany every time I go out for Chinese food.  I don’t even always need to be blown away.  What I do need is to satisfy a craving when I do go out in search of something Chinese.  Whether that craving is specific or generalised, with just a little effort I can usually satisfy it.  Instead of lamenting what we don’t have constantly, why not take a happier approach?  Seek out the dishes that you want at the places that do them well.  Don’t try to get them all in one place.

I especially love a few dishes, dumplings, Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup, pork belly with preserved veggies, and spicy chitterling and pickled mustard green hot pot.  There are places in Seattle where you can get perfectly good, even great renditions of these things.  Can you find them all in one place?  Oh, hell no.  The next obvious question is, where do you go then loudmouth?  Fine, here’s the first. Continue reading


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