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Ai Yai Yai, I Overdid it.

I like excess.  I freely admit it.  I also know that sometimes I’m going to pay for it.  That’s the price right?  The bargain you make when you indulge in a little too much of anything no matter what it is.  I was reminded of that fact yesterday morning as I lay in my hotel bed and remembered my previous night.  I quickly ran through my list of preferred restoratives and cursed myself for not having any Fernet Branca on me.   For the three people in the world who do not know what Fernet is, it’s a beautiful ebon elixir that makes boys out of men, restores balance to a listing ship, and in general just makes it all better when you’ve overindulged in either food or drink or both.

So moving on down the list, I was woefully unprepared, no electrolyte bearing beverages within reach.  I was being such an amateur.  A hurried shower later a Bloody Mary appeared before me and all was right with the world.  Continue reading


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Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

While we live, let us live.

Well, another blog to add to the pile of blogs floating around the interwebs.  Who cares?  Well, you’ve made it this far.  After years of resisting and being lazy, I’ve finally succumbed and decided to start one.  If you decide to read along I hope that you find something of value here.  At the end of the day though, it’s not about pleasing anyone else.  That sounds egotistical but it’s true.  This is a personal slice of my life.  Perhaps you’ll find it amusing or informational, perhaps you’ll think I’m full of crap, or maybe you’ll want to argue with me.  Feel free to comment, interact, argue, or ignore me.  These are my musings on the parts of life that I am passionate about, food, drink, enjoying my life in general, and the company of people I care about.

I like to think of myself as a bon vivant, living life for enjoyment and pleasure.  This is the life that we have, and I’m not going to waste mine.  There’s no need to practice being miserable, that comes naturally.  Hold that at bay, go forth and have a good time, enjoy yourself, you might like it.

While we live, let us live.

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