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Tales of the Cocktail Day 1 – More beginnier

It begins even more.  Tales of the Cocktail Day One, the mayhem officially starts.  Shenanigans have been going on now for at least 24 hours, but according to the calendar, this is the first real day of the conference.  Classes begin this day and the kick off parties are scheduled for the afternoon and evening.  Now begins the real agony of deciding where to go.  Time conflicts abound and more booze than a Drunken Army can imbibe begins to flow.

How many ways can you split yourself and where’s the good swag?  Can you squeeze multiple tasting rooms, seminars, meals, and events into the same time slot?  How far away is that next thing you want to do?  Actually, where in seven hells is it?  Am I properly libated to make it there?  Oh man, I want to make sure we get a drink together!  What?  You’re going where for lunch?  I wonder if I blow this off, can I make it back in time for my next seminar?  That’s the general thought process that runs through your head in between every single block of seminars and tasting rooms.    Plans change, spontaneous things happen, and yet, sometimes you need to be disciplined and head to your damn class.

This was one of the best lineups of classes I’ve seen at Tales.  There were actually more classes I wanted to go to than I had slots in my days.  This is a great thing, while you may be disappointed or annoyed that you can’t attend everything you would want to, it just means that there are a lot of things worth going to.  Hopefully you’ll get a chance to go to them next year, so deal with it.  Here, have another pull off my flask.

This day began in the best way possible as far as I was concerned, and the worst way possible for my roommate.  Jim Romdall was struck down by the hand of god and laid out in a feverish state.  The previous night, there was a strange overlap of groups.  A church group was on its last night in New Orleans , being wholesome, fighting malaria, and who knows what else.  Probably, a hymn was sung or something.    Jim took it upon himself to heckle the churchy types and for his blasphemy was stricken with a nasty cold.  Myself, I went off to the Dos Maderas Rum Tasting Room.  Tried some delicious rum, snagged a few minis, a cigar, drank some more rum, and then went off to breakfast.

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